Museum Archive

Location of Historical Society's Archive

The Historical Society is using a computer-based archival system call PastPerfert. PastPerfect offers an online solution that allows anyone on the internet to access published content. We may want to use PastPerfect-Online on this page.


PastPerfect-Online is the fast, affordable and easy way to provide public access to your PastPerfect data via the World Wide Web. Built on proven MWeb™ technology, PastPerfect-Online is capable of quickly displaying hundreds of thousands of catalog records. PastPerfect-Online is both a tool to create searchable HTML web pages and an online hosting service. You select the PastPerfect catalog records, images and data fields you want to publish, and PastPerfect-Online will build a fully searchable collections-based website. We host your online search site for a modest annual fee. You can create a link from an existing website to the online search site. PastPerfect-Online includes a free splash page for all of the important information about your museum. You can use this page to inform your visitors of suggested search terms and methods.

PastPerfect-Online is safe. Only information from the records and fields you select will be available to the public, and your online images can be watermarked without affecting your permanent images.

No web design or programming expertise is needed to give your museum a world-class web presence.